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Does Travel Disrupt Your Writing?

During the months of May and June, my husband and I had to make three trips out of town. In the course of six weeks we drove close to 6,000 miles. Did the hours in our van interrupt my writing? Absolutely.

In my experience, writing is an expansive, at times meditative experience (not to be confused with spiritual meditation) that requires a modicum of quiet surroundings, moderate temperatures and the crucial ability to focus. Driving in our van provides an excellent view of the world passing by, but eliminates the opportunity to write.

I get cranky when I’m unable to write for too long a period of time. My body, heart and mind get tight, edgy and dissatisfied. However, the view of sagebrush and sky in the Nevada dessert, the silence of the California high mountains and the memory of waking up to a small black bear banging its paw against the window of our van momentarily allays my frustration, and provides images and sensory experiences for future writing.

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